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04 September 2013

My internship experience


Everything started in April 2013. While some of my friends were waiting for their application statuses from department, i was applying an internship place on my own, sending resumes and attending interviews in some private companies in KL since there is a burning fire of business and entrepreneurship deep inside me. Ewah! It was my mom's advise to look for better opportunities in KL.

"Buat apa duk kat rumah, kalau nak cari pengalaman kerja yang real punya, pergi lah cari area KL, cari company yg besar besar yang kita boleh apply kerja kat situ lepas grad. Belajar merantau cari rezki dari sekarang. Baru kita tau macam mana susah cari duit sendiri."

In my heart, i was like "mak ni tak suka aku duduk kat rumah ke?"

Few weeks after the interviews, Alhamdulillah, i received offer letter from a big company in KLCC. Then, I went to the office and signed a contract. I didn’t know how this life experience will look like, but at first I was a little bit scared. It was my first experience working in office! 

The office building, right in front the Convention Center. This picture was taken on my first day.
how jakun! =p

On  16 June 2013, from Kelana Jaya LRT station to KLCC station, in my heart, “Ya Allah, it’s starting”… At that moment I didn’t known that when I will be leaving the company, I would have feeling like the half of my heart is staying there. Now I can say it was the best experience in my life and I will never forget about that. In the first week of my intenship, the company brought all finance department staffs lunch at Impiana KLCC Hotel. It was a booster for me to do the best of my internship job actually. Kekeke

Free lunch at Impiana KLCC Hotel. Thanksss.  =)

I am so glad that I forced myself to do something like "err, kuli? job" in 5 days a week. Ops.  Thanks to this internship program, I crossed my borders and now I feel much stronger, more self-confident and more open-minded. These 10 weeks internship changed my life a lot and in the best way for sure. 

I am so thankful that I could be more than just an internship student there. I really liked everything about this internship and I also liked my job even tough it was like a kuli, pftt. I was working with crazy friends from other universities who also doin their internship, it was so much fun all the times when we had like a "luahan perasaan as a kuli" kekeke. I was using Lawson Smart Office Software, of course, it was a new thing for me. Thanks to my supervisor for helping me through my 'blur' situations. =')

Ya Allah, when I am writing this I miss the company so much! I miss my internship friends, my budak nanana, staffs and my supervisor too. Hihi. I still can’t believe how many great people I met there. They weren’t just random people for that 10 weeks. Now there are still part of my best friend’s list. I got attached to them so much and I am super happy that I could get to know them. I miss them so much, they bring to my life many unforgettable moments and I will never forget about them. 

 I was here for ten weeks, thanks for the opportunity to gain priceless experience and knowledge!

 Friends!On last day of internship, we had a kinda photography session at the pantry. hihi

On last day, i received an envelope with company logo on it! =)
InsyaAllh, in June 2014, i will come again to the company working there.

Thanks mom for a great advice and forced me to go out and find the best place! Dear Juniors, internship is not all about to get a good grade. It's a chance for us to have a real working experience, totally difference with our student lives. Good luck! Phew~


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Kalau internship ni, better pergi company personally mintak kerja, atau browsing their web to get better views about the company?

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