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10 September 2013

welcoming a new baby into our family.


My final year first semester just started yesterday,. but today 10 September, i'm still at home!

My first plan was, extending the holiday to attend Azima's convocation of her master studies, on 11 September 2013. She already collected her convocation attire on 5 September, while she was in her 38th week of pregnancy. *can you imagine how eager she was..

Unfortunately, my youngest brother will be sitting for UPSR on 10,11,12 September so my mom couldn't join us. Saddest thing was her husband also couldn't attend because he's not in Johor for Operasi-apa-entah. That's why people said, it takes a strong woman to be with a soldier. Have to deal with selalu-kena-tinggal moments. Heee. So i decided to extend my holiday until her convocation day, according to plan, it was only me and my dad could attend the convocation day. Jadi lahh~

On 7 September, she noticed some light pink blood came out. On the same day, we sent her to Hospital Taiping at 340pm. Her contractions was starting mildly, came about every 20-30 minutes and she still can gave her smile! At night, it was occurring every 10-15 minutes or less. On the next day, 8 Spetember 2013, it was about 8am when she got into the labor room, and by then, she was 4 to 5 centimeters dilated. *sounds like doctor's explaination right?kekeke*. Alhamdulillah, at 1025am, 8 September, Azima delivered her baby boy. 

My 3rd nephew few hours after the delivery, Alhamdulillah. The best convocation gift ever for Azima Ramli, perhaps!

 My mom's happy face! =)

 Mom said "pegang baik2 dik, lembik lagi nih" hahaha

Opahs nowadays, hehehe.


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