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18 December 2010


just like the previous entry..
now, i'm gonna lose one more friend..
saying goodbye to your loved one is one of the most difficult tasks in the world!
but i believe goodbyes are not forever.

NUR FARAHIN (PA'IN) also has converted her course from CTS to ENGINEERING..
she's leaving KUATAN for GOMBAK today, 18 december 2010..
she told me last night bout this, then gave me cute birthday gift..
with a small and sweet letter was inside..

"Buat AZRIN yg dichentaie,
Selamat hari jadi yg ke 20.
Ternyata ko lebih mude dr ak.. =)
Thank you so much sincerely from the
bottom of my heart for being such a
nice and luvly fwend to me. Maafkan
ak klaw ade salah silap spnjg kite kenal.
smoga ko semakin berjaya dlm semue
perkara yg ko buat. n x lupe, smoga bahagia
disisi sufi n family.

oh my god, this is the hardest part~
time has come, she already said goodbye..
she said ‘thanks for everything’
it hurts me, but i’ll accept it n smile to hide the pain
with the hope that we meet again!

was waiting for faiz, then went to terminal, pick Yasmin up.. then main bowling! pastu sufi datang join. i mish that moment~

used to go to class together!

dah lewat petang. penat ni. tp senyum jugak! =)

see, pa'in sampai tertido on my humble bed. i miss u already~ =(

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eiyda said...

eh kak farahin pon dh curang dgn cts ke?huhu.good luck ea kak farahin kt sne! :)
jgn sedih2 ea kak azreen cantik! kami semua tetap disini! cewahhh! :)

Azreen Ramli said...

sedih jugak..
arini sunyi sgt..
mandi pun skali je..=(
(ape kena ngena?)

Nies Hanna said...

eh...azrin busuk lah...haha..(kate kat org)
xpe,jgn sedih2 sgt..perjalanan kita masih jauh..mungkin ada hikmah di sebalik apa yg terjadi..jgn tkr kos lak..nnti i sorg2 dlm bilik..huk2

Azreen Ramli said...

dunt wery..
klaw i tukar kos,i angkut u skaly ok?=p
thanks hanis..

Anonymous said...

Kim salam kat farahin.

Secret admire from sabkl


Anonymous said...

if you are wondering what she up to now, I can tell you that she is doing very well in her studies. last few weeks she just presented her Final Year Project Part 1 and one of the examiner really praised her works. According to the examiner, her report is very good. and better compare to the rest of the presenter that day. I also have a chance to glance through her report and i can say that her work is very good. I can tell that she will be a very good engineer some day, although that road is full with difficulties and challenges. In sya Allah.

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