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13 June 2012

forgive me when i whine

one day of semester break, at home, got nothing to do, i was reading others' blog.
in a post that i read, she (the writer) uploaded few pictures of her house, with few sport cars.
and i wished i was as her.
when i continued exploring her blog,
i suddenly found a post about her family problems.=(
she was striving for a happy family.
ya Allah, forgive me when i whine.
i have a happy family, loving parents, understanding siblings, the world is mine.

in evening, i went to a mall with my mom,
i decided to drive my humble car,
i parked my kereta buatan Malaysia (err) at level 2 parking, 
suddenly a BMW parked right beside my car
the chinese owner seemed about my age.
i glanced that way and she looked over at me, so i politely smiled, and she smiled back.
she seemed extremely rich.
wearing short skirt with brandy hand bag.
and i wished i was rich as her.
ya Allah, forgive me when i whine.
i am a muslim girl, and i know my goal is to Jannah,
i'm placed on earth only for a very short time. here, i'll be tested, trained and then passed over to the hereafter where i'll stay forever

later, while walking around the mall,
i saw a sexy malay girl with her jambu boyfriend..
when she noticed me, i smiled and she smiled back.
and i wish i was with my 'boyfreind' too.
i stopped a moment and then i think~
ya Allah, forgive me when i whine.
i had my cute mum beside me, Allah is protecting me to be a good muslimah.
one day, i'll spend my time with my Halal Prince Charming, insyaAllah.

ya Allah, forgive me when i whine.
i have a happy family
they support me to be a successful person.
i have a humble car,
that can help me a lot~
no longer 'dating',spent time with lelaki bukan muhrim.
now i can spent time with my family and cute friends.
Allah still love me.

ya Allah, forgive me when i whine.
i've been blessed indeed, the world is mine.

be thankful~

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